Adding a custom theme for the android preview screen in a Sencha Touch - Cordova app

In android on app launch, a preview screen is shown. This is before the splash screen. In a Sencha - Cordova app even if we have added the splash screen plugin, before the splash screen this preview window will appear. In my last post I have written how to change the theme of this preview screen in a pure Sencha Touch app. Here I'm writing how to add a custom theme for Sencha Touch+cordova app.

First create an xml file inside,


The name of the XML file could be anything. Let's call it themes.xml. Then define your theme inside it.

I'm going to override the NoTitleBar theme.. To do that this is what we should put inside themes.xml

Now, in the android manifest XML file which is inside,


change the theme as follows.


  1. FINALLY, someone made that so simple to explain! Many thanks bro...from NY

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