Why would Sencha Touch build fail?

Today I was trying to build and package my app for GSoC but packaging was failing.

Path variables were properly set, every required software were installed and most importantly I built and packaged this same app inside the same directory using the same output folder few days back. I forgot that the only change I did was making the app folder a git repository. The output folder also was inside the repository. 
When I changed the output folder in my config file to a folder outside the git repository building and packaging happened successfully.

Always use the process of elimination but before that make sure you have all the facts !

Some other things to check if build is failing
  • Have you installed Ruby and added it to the path variable?
  • Have you added the path to jdk as JAVA_HOME environment variable?

Google Summer of Code 2014

I got selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 this year to contribute to Raxa EMR and I'm thankful to Google and Raxa.

I think if you want to get selected for GSoC what matters is not the number of proposals you submit but the quality. 

My project is to implement a  mobile app that allows users to search for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and view them on a Google map. And the user can get directions to the location and call if  phone number is available. If the user is a registered user he can view his profile after logging in and he can make appointments with doctors. The user can mark his favorite locations. The app will support language translation. The technology used is Sencha Touch and the app will be able to run on both iOS and Android.

Project wiki can be found here.

Code repository can be found here.