Black screen before splash screen in Sencha Touch android app?

I built a native Sencha Touch app using Sencha cmd.

I was having a problem. When I open the app before my splash screen loads a black screen was appearing. I found that the reason for this black screen is that on app launch, Android displays a simple preview window (based on your activity theme) as an immediate response to the user action. Then the preview window crossfades with the actual UI, once that has fully loaded [1].  

I could not find a "nice" way to get rid of this black preview window. This is the only solution I found.

1. Go to AndroidManifest.xml inside the path_to_sencha_cmd/Sencha/Cmd/
(I was using the version The path depends on that.)

2. Inside application tag change the theme as android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Light"

If you do not want the title bar use this instead of the above one.

I don't think this is a good way to solve the problem. But I could not find a better way rather than changing Sencha cmd code.



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