WSO2 ESB Foreach mediator example

Say you have a payload. For example,

Here, you have an array with the root elemet "data". And you need to perform some processing for each of these objects in the array and send the resulting payload to an endpoint. I'm going to use foreach mediator to achieve this.
Lets say following is the resulting payload you want.

This payload contains, a root element "info" under which there is an array of objects having,
1. id element which is created using value of "name" element from original payload, converted to uppercase , value of "id" element from original payload, and the string "ID"
2. classid element which is the value of "id" element from the original payload
3. The "name" from original payload in uppercase.
4. university element which is hard-coded
5. department element which is also hard-coded

And you need to send this resulting payload to some endpoint in JSON format.

Inside foreach mediator I use script mediator to convert the name to uppercase. Then using payload factory mediator I create the payload. And outside the foreach mediator I use send mediator to send the resulting payload to the endpoint.

Here is the sequence.
Let's use the following API to call my-in-seq.
Add both above API and sequence to synapse config. We can send a curl request as follows and see how it works.