WSO2 ESB - A Quick Glance at the Capabilities

It's a big but connected world with huge number of entities communicating by different languages and different protocols. In a service oriented architecture there is a set of such entities/components providing and consuming different services.
For these heterogeneous entities to communicate there need be a person in the middle who can speak with all of them regardless of the languages they speak and protocols they follow. Also, in order to deliver a useful service for a consumer there need to be a person to orchestrate the services provided from different entities. This person better be fast and able to handle concurrency pretty well.
Abstractly speaking Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) is that person and WSO2 ESB is the best opensource option out there if you need one!

Following are the main functionalities WSO2 ESB provides [2]

1. Service mediation

2. Message routing

3. Data transformation

4. Data transportation

5. Service hosting

Even though ESB could cover most of the integration use cases that you might need to implement, there are many extension points you could use in case you are unable to implement your use case with built-in capabilities.

You can download WSO2 ESB at [1] and play with it! [2] is a great article that you must read that would quickly walk you through what WSO2 ESB has to offer!