Because a bit of Art must be a part :) - No 1

Rage & Joy

I’m staring at it,
Yes, it’s me, the creator...
It’s my precious,
I’ll die again for it, and I am the keeper…

Long queues every day
To worship, thousands of prayers…
And modern artists (they say!)
Bewitched, wrote books of praises…

They explain the little scratch
Behind the ear, oh so clever!
“A design trick, not a failure”
I cry with rage, roll with laughter…

I half love and half hate,
It’s charming, peerless and all laud...
Resembles the heartless king,
I served, and I've made a god!

And the scratch silently sings,
How I carved with flesh, blood & bone…
My own innocent name,
On the death note…

~ Manuri Amaya Perera

PS: Side effects of some boring lectures!

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